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Facts About Anita Mui

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Mui was the youngest daughter of the family. Her father died when Mui was a small child.

Ann Mui, her elder sister was also a singer. All the four children were raised in a single parent family.

She dropped out of school at the age of 13. After that Mui sang at nightclub and bars for several years.

In 1982, Mui’s big break came after she defeated 3,000 contestants in the New Talent Singing Competition and win first prize.

However, Mui’s fame did not bring happiness. The singer felt lonely under the pressures of show business and had to continue working hard to support her family.

She appeared with Jackie Chan in the film Rumble in the Bronx.

She performed at the 1988 Summer Olympics alongside Janet Jackson.

She once held a sold-out concert in Hammersmith, London, where Mui was dubbed the “Madonna of Asia” and that title stayed with her throughout her career.

In 2003, Mui career came to a halt when the singer announced that she had cervical cancer, and died at the age of 40. According to some reports, the singer died of lung failure due to the drug's side effects Mui was taking to fight the cancer.

According to Mui, many people asked her which one she want to be: an eminent star or a happy ordinary person. The singer then said “if I could, I would choose an ordinary but happy person”.

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After her death, Anita's mother had been trying to gain legal claim to her daughter's estate, which is estimated to be worth approximately s$16 million (HK$100 million). However, her appeal was dismissed by the federal court.

In order to raise funds for the lawsuit, the old woman planned to release a book about Anita's private life. The 80-year-old revealed that amongst all Anita's boyfriends, she loved Andy lau the most.

Starred in: Rumble in the Bronx , Drunken Master II , A Better Tomorrow 3 , The Heroic Trio , Rouge , The Business of Strangers , Miracles , Executioners , The Top Bet , July Rhapsody , My Foot! , Justice, My Father Is a Hero , Dance of a Dream , Scared Stiff , The Fortune Code , Wu yen , Behind the Yellow Line , The Moon Warriors , The Greatest Lover , 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife , Top Bet , Shanghai, Shanghai , Eighteen Springs , Who's the Woman, Saviour of the Soul , Who's the Man? , Miracles , Midnight Fly.

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