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Facts About Edison Chen

edison chen facts
Edison Chen is a Hong Kong Canadian film actor, producer, musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

His long name is Edison Koon-hei Chen and  also known as Chen Koon Hei, Chen Xing Hua, and Chan Hing Wah. He is of Chinese and 1/8 Portuguese descent.

Born in Vancouver on 7th of October, 1980. Chen has two older sisters and spent his early childhood in British Columbia but his teen years in Hong Kong.

His father, Edward Chen is an entertainment industry mogul in Hong Kong. His father was rumoured to have dated Taiwanese actor Hu Bing and Ryan Zhu (2012’s Mr. Asia winner). He has been spotted frequently dining with handsome male celebrities.

His parents divorced during Edison's early childhood and Edison did not discover his parents had separated until he reached the age of 14.

Chen was in the same tenth grade class as famous actor Nicholas Tse.

Edison searched for a successful way to become a celebrity in Canada but he failed to receive recording contracts within Canada or the States due to his Chinese ancestry, so he returned to Hongkong to make another try with the help of his father and networks.

Chen is the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited, and the founder of CLOT Inc.

Chen spoke English as his first language before learning Mandarin and Cantonese later on. Chen also speaks some Japanese as well.

Chen’s career took a dramatic downfall soon after his photo scandal got leaked in 2008 – he was involved with a number of famous female celebrities including Bobo Chan, Candice Chan, Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung.

A collection of such related photos (involving six other identifiable females and other unidentifiable males) were also confiscated by the Hongkong police.

edison chen biography trivia
The technician was jailed for eight and a half months for copying, stealing, and distributing more than 1,000 of the ‘sick’ photos.

On February 2008, Chen held a press conference in order to apologize, saying that he had “failed as a role model”. Chen also announced that he would “step away from the HongKong entetainment industry” indefinitely.

The pop star also received a death threat in the shape of a bullet, 13 days after making a public appearance in Singapore. A letter containing the bullet warned Chen to stop making public appearance, or else.

The Nicholas-Edison’s friendship deteriorated after the 2008 photo scandal, as Cecilia Cheung was involved in it – Nicholas’s wife then.

nicholas tse and edison chen

Three years later, he was involved again in another photo scandal but this time with Cammi Tse, a 16-year-old Hong Kong model. The photos were uploaded to the internet after the schoolgirl lost her mobile phone, which contained the photos of them being intimate.

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