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The Crow Movie Facts

The crow in the movie
The Crow is based on the 1989 comic book of the same name. The comic book was created by James O’Barr, an American graphic artist.

The action film was released on Friday the 13th, May, 1994.

The film was written by John Shirley and David J. Schow, and directed by Alex Proyas.

The film is about a rock musician named Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) who comes from the dead in order to take revenge on those who had murdered him as well as his fiancee, Shelly.

The birds used in the film were not crows, they were actually ravens – five of them in all.

In the movie, Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and Shelly Webster (his fiancee) plan to get married on Halloween, but both of them are killed the night before the wedding (on Devil’s Night). In fact, after completing his latest film, The Crow, Brandon also planned to get married with his fiancee in Mexico in 1994, but unfortunately he was shot and killed during the last weeks of production.

Eric Draven (who played by Brandon), suffered a fatal wound, while shooting the death scene for Brandon’s character. An improperly cleaned propp gun shot a dummy tip into Brandon’s stomach, which resulted in his death.

After Brandon Lee died, there were 8 days left before shooting of his latest film was to be completed. They then used a live body double and some digital composing to finish out the rest of the movie.

When Albrecht is pointing the gun at Eric by the sidewalk outside Gideons, the sergeant is distracted by looters, notably one with long hair stealing a TV set. He is in fact the author of the comic book series (James O’Barr) on which the film is based.

One of the bad guys at Top Dollar’s meeting is actually David Schow, one of the screenwriters. He is the one who gets pulled under the table. Braeden (Jeff Imada) is also at the meeting, he is the fight choreographer of the film and Brandon Lee’s best friend.

The latter part of the scene with Albrecht and Eric in Albrecht’s apartment was actually ad-libbed. Eric (Brandon) decided to pick up a photo of Albercht and his wife and ask him about it. There is a part where Brandon said “Believe me, nothing is trivial”, that was also not in the script. This scene was originnally scripted to take place in the street outside police headquarters, and later it was decided that it shuold be moved to Albrecth’s house so that the audience could learn more about him.

Eric Draven - Brandon Lee
Sarah - Rochelle Davis
Shelly Webster - Sofia Shinas
Funboy - Michael Massey
Tin Tin (right) - Laurence Mason
Myca - Bai Ling (right)
Top Dollar - Michael Wincott

Officer Albrect - Ernie Hudson
Grange - Tony Todd
Darla - Anna Thompson
Darla - Anna Thomson

Do you know that Brandon and his father Bruce Lee were born under the zodiac sign of dragon. Read also about Chinese dragon facts.

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