Thursday, April 15, 2010

Carole Horlock - World's Most Prolific Surrogate Mother

Carole Horlock - Surrogate Mother
Carole Horlock is listed as the world most prolific surrogate mother, who has delivered 12 babies in 13 years, including triplets. The triplets' parents are a Greek couple in their thirties and the mother, who is a teacher, had a hysterectomy. Although she can still produce eggs but she cannot carry a baby. Embryos made from the mother's eggs and the father's sperm were implanted into Miss Horlock's womb.

Carole said "Ive never had a problem handing the babies over", the bonding came after these babies were born, as I nurtured and fed them. Miss Horlock has a daughter named Steffanie who was born in 1991 during her first marriage. She had another daughter named Megan three years later from another relationship.

Her first surrogacy aggreement was in 1995 and since then miss Horlock has given birth to four boys and eight girls for childless couples - including triplets and a set of twins. The triplets are the first time that she used IVF to become pregnant and are also the first time that she hasnt been the biological mother.

Miss Horlock received "expenses" from the couples she helps because it is illegal to take payment. However, she insists that she is not motivated by money. She said that whenever she sees the joy on the faces of those couples who thought they'd never have babies is very special. Part of the agreement she normally makes before helping the couples is that they will send photographs and a yearly newsletter of the babies.

Although most of the Carole's family support her, she said her father has bever been able to accept this because he felt she is giving away his grandchildren. During one surrogate pregnancy, it happened that the baby she was delivering for a couple had her partner's DNA. She said she would only have claimed her legal right to 'her' baby if she felt it was not wanted or loved.

Surrogates receive an average of $25,000 - $30,000 for their services, but the downsides include morning sickness, bad rest, in vitro fertilization, caesarean sections and stretch marks. Miss Horlock has parlayed her extreme surogate status into additional profit by selling her story to tabloids and newspapers. She also said that sometimes the headlines turned nasty - "You do it once or twice, you are an angel but you do it time and time again, then you're a monster". She wondered if it is a good deed in the beginning then why doesnt it continue being a good deed.

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