Thursday, May 5, 2011

Harold Egbert Camping Interview Regarding His Prophecies

Harold Camping
According to Harold Camping, there wont even be a 2012. He displays that number with a red slash through it on his website. Camping also warned that those who dont accept his calculations, including even devout Christians, these people will face “sudden destruction” when Jesus returns.
Here, Dr. Stephen Meyers interviews Harold Egbert Camping on 7 April 2011 about his views on Judgment Day.

What will happen on 21 May 2011 and events leading up to 21 Oct 2011?

From everything we know in the Bible on May 21 2011 it is going to start with a huge earthquake, the Bible describes the earthquake thats way bigger than anything that it had been ever occured.

So what is the purpose of this earthquake?
It is going to do two things, open up all the grave in the world, those who died as true believers will caught up in the heaven.

So how many believers will be saved and go to heaven?
It looks like there will be two hundred million.

So what is the second purpose of this earthquake?
The graves of all the unbelievers for the last 13,000 years will be uprooted &/ or laying around everywhere.

So what else will happen on 21 May 2011?
Millions and millions of people dying everyday.

Will the people “left behind” see anything else on 21 May 2011?
The “left behind” will be able to see those taken to heaven.

So millions of people will die on 21 May 2011 and everyday thereafter. Those people still alive on earth will see the “believers”, those alive & those in the graves, being taken to heaven.

So what happens after that 153 days, on 21 Oct 2011?
The whole universe will be destroyed.

1.World’s worst earthquake will take place on 21 May 2011.
2.All graves will be opened up world-wide.
3.13,000 years of dead corpses everywhere.
4.Those left behind will see the ‘saved’ (dead & alive) taken to heaven i.e. the Rapture.
5.Millions will die on 21 May 2011 and everyday thereafter.
6.The universe will be destroyed on 21 oct 2011 i.e. the Great Judgment Day.

If you are still here on May 22nd, would you be willing to step down from Family Radio and ...
“I dont even think about those questions, i dont even think about them at all..because i wont be here, I wont be here..”

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