Thursday, May 5, 2011

William and Catherine Royal Wedding Predictions

chinese fortune teller
Eunice Yoon and Chinese fortune teller, Chen Shuaifo
Chen Shuaifu (China’s top fortune teller) predicted that the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton will not last long as both of them will face many difficult test to pass. “Their marriage wont make it through the winter of 2015. And from their faces, their most distinctive character is that two of them are stubborn and like to dominate” said Chen Shuaifo, as reported by CNN, Sunday, April 17. To make matters worse, the sapphire engagement ring which belonged to Princess Diana, apparently carries the burden of her death.

There are things the couple can do in order to save their marriage. Shuaifo recommends the principles of feng shui to redress imbalances in their personal life.

“The prince should avoid wearing red (and should often go swimming), while Kate should wear white, black and gold” said Chen.

Although both William and Kate were born in 1982 in the Western calendar but Kate, being born six months earlier (before the Chinese New Year) will not have the same animal sign as her husband. In Chinese lunar calendar Kate was born in the year of the Rooster and William in the year of the Dog. Rooster and Dog are quite compatible but the couple were married in the year of the Rabbit, which is good for Dog and bad for Rooster-born people (according to Chen).

Chen also explained, “Prince William, born in the fiery month of June, so he has an extreme temperament, with a qquick reflex and is excellent in academic studies.”

“Kate was born on a freezing winter day, so she is also an extreme and stubborn lady”

In feng shui, human fate can be altered through proper actions. Chen explained “If i predict that someone driving south will encounter a disaster, i will tell him/her to head north instead”. One case in point is the royal sapphire engagement ring belonged to Princess Diana. “The Princess led a miserable life, the negative energy in the ring will be too much, the living should not wear ring which worn by the dead” he said.

Chen also suggested two solutions for the problems, that is to soak the ring in salt so that the tragedies can be cleansed away and another is to soak it in wine for about six or seven hours.

During an interview with NBC News, Chen said “I am a descendant of Chen Tuan (a philosopher who lived in the 10th century), the greatest feng shui master of the Song dynasty”.

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