Wednesday, May 4, 2011

William and Kate Psychic Predictions

Not to participate in the gloomy prediction of Chen Shuaifu (Chinese fortune teller), Arun Kumar Bansal, president of all India Partnership of astrologers societies clarified that William and Catherine (Kate) are well-matched. In other words, he described it as “Mostly rosy future”. The couple rates 24 out of 36 general compatibility points. He also sees Middletton’s willingness to accomodate the future heir to the throne as a key factor for a successful marriage.

Of course there is a fly in the ointment. The royal couple might have hard time conceiving the next heir to the throne.

Wendy Stacey (Chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain) described the couple as “Soul mates”. According to the astrologer, their complimentary star signs is the main factor in their happiness.

Capricorns and Cancers are opposites as earth and water – Stacey explained. “As a result, two of them can read each other clearly and both have a very deep emotional understanding. Its quite a lovely thing”. The opposite signs can lead to immediate intuition and understanding. I suspect that somehow, having similar signs would be a good sign too – Stacey explained.

Yeo Tinming, one of Hong Kong’s top masters of feng shui said that Middleton would likely get pregnant in 2012. In his eyes, Wills and Kate are very compatible. One is born during the summer time and the other is born winter time. Two of them complement each other well but also cautioning that the pair would likely quarrel.

anthony cheng
Anthony Cheng, fortune teller
However, another Hong Kong fortune teller, Anthony Cheng, was less optimistic. He predicted that the royal couple would likely end in divorce – sharing the same fate as William’s parents Charles and Diana. According to him, there will be major problems for the royal couple in the decade after the prince reaches 39.

This well-known feng shui columnist and TV personality also said that the prince would likely either get divorced in his 40s or suffer a serious accident. “One of these will happen and if the prince encounters an accident, it is likely going to be fatal” said Cheng. He also advised that the prince should avoid travel southern or tropical locations. He feared that Middleton would have to bbe a long-suffering wife if the marriage was to last.

“The prince has too much ‘peach blossom’ luck. This means that he will have a lot of love interests in life. He develops felings easily for other women”. And because of this, the marriage is therefore depend on Middleton’s tolerance level, said Cheng, explaining that William is “very likely going to have an affair”.

Another feng shui master, Mak Ling Ling, author and TV personality, foresaw none of the problems Cheng described. She said the couple is compatible and next year or this year are good years for them to get married. Mak said “Prince William is right to marry an older wife (Middleton is 6 months older than her husband). The personalities match very well. I foresee a good marriage for two of them”.

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